Board Positions


MALC's mission is to promote the profession of IBCLC's by providing education, networking and professional support  to our members.  

Please join as a board member to help support your colleagues who support the new families of our communities.

The available positions and their duties are:

President - Plans and leads board meetings to meet the requirements of our organizational bylaws.  Board meeting are conducted following Roberts Rules of Order. Other  duties include coordinating the day, time location, and agenda of each  board meeting..  The President oversees that all decisions of the Board  are implemented. The President is  to be consulted for any decisions affecting MALC publicity, contracts  with other entities, affiliations with other organizations, and monetary  expenditures.  

Secretary  - Responsible for taking board meeting minutes, distributes them to  board members, formally presents the minutes at each Board meeting for  approval, and makes all changes or additions as requested by  the Board. The Secretary keeps permanent records of all Board Meeting  Minutes and passes them along to the next elected Secretary, either hard  copies or electronically.

Treasurer  - Manages the MALC bank account, including the checking and Master Card  statements/accounts.  She or H provides a Treasury Report at teach  board meeting.  keep track of deposits and expenditures, create and  present a report at each meeting.

Conference  Chair - Coordinate all activities for the annual MALC Fall Conference  and will act as, or appoint a Nurse Conference Planner, to apply for  Cerps and Continuing Education credits.  The Chair can form a   Conference Planning Committee  as needed with Board approval.  The  Chair is responsible for setting up a registration, payment process,  obtaining registration and data of participants for Cerps and continuing  education hours.   The Chair is responsible for making sure all  conference participants submit an evaluation, and complete full  attendance of the conference to  fulfill requirements of receiving  Cerps/continuing education certificate.  

Media  Specialist - Maintains and updates the MALC website and social media,  responsible for sending emails to MALC membership as directed by the President, and/or Board.  

Membership Chair - Maintains a record of all paid members, and promotes MALC membership and benefits.

Members  at Large - Any member of MALC is a Member-at-Large, and may attend  Board Meetings,  but it has been our custom to elect at least 4-5  Members-at-Large, to maintain a consistent membership representation at  Board meetings. 

Board  Member - To be eligible, must be an IBCLC  in good-standing, and have  been a  MALC member in good-standing for at least two years. Board  Members are required to attend 75% of all board meetings.  A Board  Member  may participate in the meeting via FaceTime, Skype, or other  visible media. Conference calls may also be utilized as decided by the President and Board members. 

Board  Members in good standing with service on the Board, may be given a  conference fee discount, as an honorarium for services rendered to the  Board and conference planning.